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About us


 Our company is part of the Allwin Group of Companies which is active in the field of service provision.

Allwin Hotel Management Ltd
Our wide spectrum of activities include Hotel and catering management by looking after 7 different Cyprus properties as well as the wellbeing of more than 60.000 holiday makers, every year. The net asset worth of these Hotels is in excess €50.000.000.

Allwin Property Services Ltd
Our other important field of activity is Marketing and promotion of Cyprus development projects of a net worth in excess of €174.000.000. During the past two years our company has sourced and successfully promoted assets in the region in excess of €95.000.000.

As a rule Allwin Property Services Ltd undertakes the promotion of Cyprus properties on an exclusive basis and preferably from the project’s planning stage right through the pricing and marketing stage; thus ensuring that the property satisfies the prospective buyer’s expectations of quality, marketability as well as future value appreciation.

We apply the professional but personal service principals we have successfully employed in the Hospitality industry, to the Cyprus Property industry in order to secure that your hard earned money will avail to your dream’s desire, whilst maintaining the highest levels of services, facilities and profitability.

In order to successfully fulfill our responsibility towards our customers, we have created a team of highly trained professionals / specialists in every field of the property industry; from Financial Accounting to Building & Equipment maintenance, from marketing issues to Housekeeping and Catering services.





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